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2 Questions about black denim

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I've recently noticed a rise in Black Denim discussion. I have two questions about it:

1. Indigo (Synthetic or Natural) is traditionaly used to dye denim blue. Is there a "standard" subtance (Synthetic or Natural) that is used to dye denim Black?

2. (This is a silly one...) Are black denim "IN" again? I know they were "IN" sometime in the mid-late 80's. Are they doing a come-back? I'm asking because I haven't seen too many people wearing them around...


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1) I'm not sure, but i don't believe pure indigo can result in fully black denim.

2) I have a pair of black denim jeans (slim bootcut) with a bunch of fading (caused by me) down the fronts, as well as natural whiskering and honeycombing. I wear them all the time, and get tons of compliments. I like to wear them with a slim white tee and white/black trim Pony trainers, or with a white or black tee and a pair of YSL Rive Gauche sleek black calfskin laceups. So yeah, definitely in if you get the right cut/style.
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Thanks VersaceMan (Very nice Avatar!). I should ask the 1st question in SF when it's up and running again. I would be interested to see what the guys who are in the Denim Industry have to say about it (My guess - Something based on Sulphur Oxide).
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45rpm sorahiko's made black with a sulphur wash..
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I've always wanted a black pair of denims to break away from the blue indigo monotony of jeans. I wish I bought the black overdyed Sorahikos instead of the blue one wash. But I'm now setting my sights on the Samurai S5000BK. I don't know if black jeans are IN or not and I really don't care. For me, a black pair would be a welcome change from my true blue collection.
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It seems to me that black jeans were out of style for about three seconds.
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you will be able to order the black samurais here

they will ship around the 10th of august.

they are only made in 400 pairs and the last time samurai made black jeans was in 2003.
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wow, those black samurais are beautiful.
are they straight leg cut? looks almost bootcut?
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HJB did BIG get a price on those or do they have to wait until they get them in due to customs etc..
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They would not quote a price until they got them in. They stated they would be getting them in mid-July; strange since Samurai said they wouldn't ship my pair until August 10.
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they are straight leg.

they should cost the same as the s5000vx($280) at BIG because both cost 25000 yen.
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I was in BIG last Friday asking about the S5000BK. I was told end of July. But they're not shipping until August. Ok. What I was told would help is if you email Gordon at the shop and get your name on a pair.
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I ordered mine directly from Samurai and Toshiko confirmed from me 2 weeks ago if I want to go ahead with my order since they will start making them. They will ship it to you on 8th August and they will be making 400 pairs. I wonder if all 400 pairs are pre-ordered or some of them are ordered by their retailers like Blue In Greene?
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