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Are these Testoni real or fake?

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Are these the real thing?

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God. Damn.

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Authentic or not, they're hideous.
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I say fake.

1) The leather and style don't look like Testoni.
2) Price is too good to be true - they almost always sell close to the starting price.
3) He has a ton of sizes of each brand of shoe, and each brand is in one or two styles.
4) All the brands he sells look very similar when there should be vast differences.
5) He's based in Argentina

I think we might have discussed this seller a little while ago.
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As an aside, I don't know how that seller racked up so many positive feedbacks. It looks like all his stuff is lower-end made in Argentina stuff.
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I think that this is the fifteenth time I've posted about this seller. He's a scammer who sells licensed stuff made in South America. It's sticky because technically they aren't fakes, but they ARE NOT what you are expecting to get.

I've posted about the YSL shoes he sells (they're NOT YSL Rive Gauche made in Italy), his Dior suits (they're NOT Dior Homme designed by Hedi slimane, but rather Dior license made in Argentina) etc etc etc.

So, in short, trust me that you don't want to buy from him. I'd also suggest doing a search with "argentina" in the search topics and you may find our other discussions about him.

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i dont know about this shoe, but i've seen testoni's lower end line (i dorgot the name) and they're as disagreeable as these.
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