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For the racing fans

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Montoya to leave F1 for NASCAR:

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Not surprising, really. He will find himself without a seat for 2007 in F1 so he is making the best of it. So far he has mostly dissappointed his team this last season.

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He has been disappointing for McLaren. But I just can't believe he would give up the lifestyle of racing in F1 to go to NASCAR. Why not do what Mika did and go to German Touring series or something? I just can't imagine going round and round in a circle as being much of a replacement for F1.

So let's see...Alonso is coming in the McL and Kimi is supposedly going to Ferarri. That leave a seat open.

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Methinks Juan Pablo wore out his welcome among the F1 fraternity. Add to that the success he found in CART with Ganassi. And that crazy little thing called money. I am quite surprised by the sizable dollars being thrown around in NASCAR; they certainly have captured the tv and sponsorship market on these shores. I think Montoya will be extremely unsuccessful trying to drive the 3500-pound bricks they call cars.
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I love the way he went balls-out at times. Met him in Montreal one time at a GP reception; nice guy.

What's NASCAR?
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Juan Gone
Montoya, McLaren part ways; Pedro de la Rosa to fill vacated seat

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I didn't realize this would be so soon. Reports have it he could leave as early as a couple weeks from now. The F1 season doesn't even end until...well, not next week. It's months from now. I am shocked he isnt' finishing out the season.


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Ron Dennis just told JP to hold his horses and remember he's under contract to McLaren-Merc. No quick switch to NASCAR it seems.

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