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Boss topcoats

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Hi Does anyone here have an opinion on Boss particularly Boss topcoats?  I have tried their trousers before and was not impressed with them. I have been thinking about buying a new topcoat for the winter and I found a nice camel colored Boss. Its 100% wool ( I hear this is the best choice for a coat as opposed to cashmere, since it is always exposed) and hits right below the knee. Exactly what I have been looking for.Its going for $595.  Any opinions?
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i've got one and it's fine. Fits well and the cut is nice enough. Personally I like to have some cashmere content. You might consider 40/60 cashmere wool, but I doubt that's an option for the boss coats. Even 20/80 makes it feel quite a bit softer. Something that's 100% wool will definitely be more durable, but depeding on how you intend to wear the coat, that might or might not matter. I love the softness of cashmere though and so the higher the content, the better, imo.
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boss does make wool/cashmere blend coats i have one, camel coloured, 80%virgin wool/20%cashmere
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