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Steamer, or new Iron? Which to buy?

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I have a good black&decker iron, but it doesn't put out much steam, and is fairly worthless at things like pressing wool pants. Works well enough with a spray bottle for shirts, but not much else.

Which to purchase:

Option A: A stand-up clothes steamer, like a Jiffy 4000 or a Rowenta IS-8100.
Option B: A new iron, like something from the Rowenta Pro line?

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I don't own a steamer, although I would like one. I have the rowenta pro. I like its heft, the ergonomic design, and small details like the ball and socket cord attachment. I am not sure it is an either/or proposition as between the iron and steamer, however. I think both tools serve their purpose. If you don't need to replace the iron, I would go steamer.
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Steamer; for steaming

Iron; for pressing

Steaming gets out wrinkles and has other benefits but steam can not distinguish a wrinkle from a crease. Humidity in cloth makes it puff up and or pucker and will draw the shaping out. Pressing with an iron to set creases and shape a garment. Most important is to let the garment dry out after using either steam or an iron. If you put on a trouser afer using steam, without drying, it will wrinkle worse than before and look like you did nothing.
The heavier the better when selecting an iron.
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Jiffy steamer.
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Steamer and no iron--unless you're an expert in right heat setting and ironing methods.
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Steamer; I used to use a steam iron, now that I'm using a laurastar steamer, I would find it impossible (!) to go back to a normal steam iron!
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steamer or could try an old kettle!
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So what steamers do you guys recommend?
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Just ordered the IS-8100 for 136.25 (shipping included) from
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I own the EuroSteam Model #4488. This thing is an iron/steamer that works wonders. It will not burn any fabric (not even after leaving it on top of the fabric for several minutes...i tried it on wool). It runs about $200US and is every bit worth the price.
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