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Anyone doing the 24 hour donut thing this weekend? Still need to try Donut Man when he's in season:
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had an unbelievable donut at umamicatessen the other night. actually, more of a plated dessert spin on a donut, but the tres leches is spectacular. have not -- will not -- try the foie gras and jelly.
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That FG&J sounds gross to me, too, but from what Gold said those donuts are the best in LA. Not that FG one, but any of them.
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Is AOC still worth going to? Been about 4 years since I was there last, wife wants to go next week. Worth it still?
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post

That FG&J sounds gross to me, too, but from what Gold said those donuts are the best in LA. Not that FG one, but any of them.

man, that tres leches was knock-your-socks off. i've always been a bob's boy (the farmers market one), but as i said, this was more of a plated dessert ... a cake doughnut, soaked in condensed milk, topped with whipped cream. eat it with a fork. it was like a perfect tres leches cake, one that still had a little crisp on the surface.
umamicatessen on the whole is kind of a mixed bag. decent food, nice beers, surprisingly expensive. a pig ear salad, a pint and a doughnut was like $35.
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Wow, that is expensive. Not that I should be surprised. It seems like a lot of places have opened up in the past few years where you can eat casual pub food for $30-$50. $15 burgers and $8 beers add up quick!
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exactly. i think that is the true genius of adam fleischman!
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I want to go back through the thread and re-compile all of the restaurant reccomendations, thread is in dire need of an update. Been really busy with law school so I'll probably do it this summer

Glad to see the thread still moving. A couple of recent thoughts
Not sure if 800 degrees has been mentioned but it's a solid pie given the price and convenience. I liked the "piccante"

Ink - was pretty tasty. Favorite dishes: pork belly, charcoal oil, bbq flavor, macaroni and cheese ; lamb shoulder, quarter, tongue, vadouvan, yogurt. The costa rican coffee after the meal was really nice (though I'm not a coffee connoisseur by any means)

son of a gun - everyone i've taken loves the chicken sandwich and shrimp toast. I am not really impressed by their other dishes, though.

plan check - plan check burger and chef's favorite burger are really good. also liked the spicy pickle side.

went to ruen pair and it wasn't bad, that thai place on melrose that polyrock recomnended really impressed me

vinoteque was very solid all around, great date spot

I liked picca too
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I went back to Saladang in Pasadena after a while of only hitting Thaitown. Really, it made me realize just how average a lot of the places I went to were. It also made me realize that for the same price, if not more, I was paying to eat at some hole-in-the-wall with a B I could be at a pretty place with great service. And better food.

Is it the best Thai in LA? Probably not, but as an entire experience aesthetically it's damn good and it's my favorite. I'd gladly drive 20 mins to Pasadena now than 3 mins to have something mediocre in Thai Town. I stab out the eyes of whoever mentions "Jonathan Gold" and "Jitlada" in the same sentence to me.
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Had mexicali taco co last week.

Some tacos and a vampiro, both asada. The meat in the tacos was a bit dry and not much flavor, tacos were decent I think I fucked up on the tortillas they gave me stock. The vampiro was delicious, the meat in there must have been a different batch and garlic sauce was delish. The mexican coke had a sticker on it that said corn syrum but didn't taste like coke here so I dunno wtf is up.
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I went to the "LA Taco" Taco Madness event a few weeks back at gueleguetza (like ncaa tourney style), i believe mexicali was the ones doing the tacos for the event, they only had Asada tacos, wtf. wasn't that impressed.

For my money, I like the Taco Leo truck on Venice/LaBrea, especially the Al Pastor and the Cabeza.
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Alright guys.

I have a free bday dinner coming up for myself.

I'm a big seafood and sushi fan.

Name me one place.

I usually do Matsuhisa but wanna branch out some.

and no I can't afford Urasawa
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I've never been but all of my sushi friends swear by Sugar Fish in Santa Monica.
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Nana San - Newport Beach. Sit at the bar, order omakase.
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la weekly did a pretty good top 10 list of the best seafood in la:
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