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hit up the spice table tonight. i thought it was pretty average. bok choy, beef rendang, some noodles and the chile prawn satay. only liked the rendang, which was a fairly good version of the dish. the other dishes were kind of misses. atmoshere and service were good though. doubt I'll go back.

tried the ludo bites truck after a few drinks at an event, they had a lot next to Vibiana....the fried chicken was great, the honey mustard sauce was too vinegary though.
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i wasn't wowed by everything at spice table either, but i really liked the satays they did.
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Anyone been to Mercato di Vetro yet?
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Brunch at Canele is the real deal. I need to go through my pics but I'll post them later.
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Yeah, it's pretty good. I've had brunch there 3 or 4 times.
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You should come out next time. I'm sure we can find a booster.
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Anyone been to Bar | Kitchen?
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stella rosa, best pizza i've had in la. better than mozza imo
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^ Will have to check this out.

Ironically, ever since I moved up to L.A. I haven't eaten out around here nearly as much as I used to.
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Originally Posted by poly800rock View Post

stella rosa, best pizza i've had in la. better than mozza imo

Thought you moved? Going to check it out tomorrow.
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the crust is phenomenal. had the spinich pizza (good, but wanted to try the shaved mushroom) and the organic sausage. both really great, the sauce is phenomenal. I liked it better than mozza, but my memory fades with mozza. we went at 6, no wait.

need to try that corona del mar place you mentioned. was down there yesterday, cousin got a new place down there.
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Cool I'm all about mushrooms and artisanal sausage, will give it a try.

Make sure you tell them well done when you go to johnnys.

I got a japanese bbq spot by south coast and a cheesesteak spot that is fucking good by goldenwest college if you're ever in that spot.
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what cheesteak place? my cousin used to be in hb, but upgraded to cdm. so not around there too much, but sometimes.
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johns philly grill, he's got 3 locations but the one on edinger is the best (better than the one on beach)

#2 pepper steak and better yet the mushroom steak (with peppers and onions) is legit

cdm has a couple of small spots that are supposed to be good but I haven't checked out, one is like a small donut/sandwich shop that I forgot the name of and have been meaning to go to

only other places worth a damn are bandera and gulfstream (fried fish sandwich w/wild rice or red snapper with rock shrimp and zydeco sauce you won't be disappointed)

there is also a mexican joint in a small strip mall next to ralphs or some shit on pch that you gotta turn into to notice, pretty good burritos that are enough for two
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There's a new Philly cheese place opening at the old Thai spot on Virgil and Fountain. Wondering how that'll turn out.

If you guys haven't had lobster tacos at Ricky's across the street then you are seriously missing out. Kelv, it's even better than shrimp. Only problem is that it's only on the weekends and it's first-come so you gotta get there around 1 or 2 by the latest. Lobster season just started up so he should be good for a couple of months.

Also, Paradis is having their anniversary party on Sunday in Montrose. Free ice cream from 12-4. It'll be busy but the lines move quickly.
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