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Shoes, shirts, and ties to wear with an navy suit!

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Hi i recently a navy suit for prom and now i need some suggestions on shirts, shoes (got a budget of 150$ for shoes) and ties to wear with the navy suit. The suit itself is very average looking just a plain navy colored suit. Thanks. Please also post information on where to buy the said things if you can
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Pretty much everything matches navy.
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White shirt w/ french cuffs; black, silk knit tie; black shoes highly polished; subtle, but ironic cufflinks.
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You can make that plain navy suit outstanding if you have it properly tailored to fit very well.
For prom, I would go for a formal satin tie-silver or gray, and not skinny. Slim, maybe, say 2 and 7/8" wide, otherwise go with the full 3.5".
White shirt with semi-spread collar. If you go with a shirt off the rack, make sure the cuffs fall to the correct spot on your wrist and that the neck fits correctly-not too tight but not too big. Too big always looks awful with a tie. Barrell cuffs might be the better choice for you, since prom is one night and the shirt will be useful afterward.

Shoes should be black or very dark brown lace ups. Captoes are classic and a great first dress shoe. Alternatively, you could rent some patent leather formal shoes at a local tux shop. This may make more sense than dropping 150 on shoes that you may grow out of. Match the belt, or go for full-on sleek style and wear no belt. Make sure your trousers fit ridiculously well at the waist, though.

Clinch it all with a pocket square to match your shirt. You could get one to match your date's dress, but I don't recommend this.

Now, if you want to be way cool, see if you can add a navy waist coat to your suit, then buy yourself a black bow tie and learn how to tie it.
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I'd suggest black shoes and belt, plus a subtle silver tie... plus a white silk poof and you're good to go. Something like these:

see these ties

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Navy suit Pale blue shirt Black dress shoes (Banana Republic has decent looking Oxfords for under $150 a pair) Hermes animal print tie
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baby blue shirt with spread collar, red silk tie in full windsor glory.

Black shoes, yadda yadda.
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nothing is more 'academic-youth-virile' looking than a solid navy suit. dont know how else to describe it. i dont know, for me at least, putting one on makes me look like 'this is the only suit i have, the safe but solid navy suit' , non-descript, no-identity, no self-proclamation, hey, ill just sit here with my navy suit, white shirt, and red stripe tie. ho hum.
might as well go apply for the FBI.
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It's a suit. A uniform. There's no self-proclamation in a suit, no identity: it is, by it's very nature, non-descript. You're just another suit. Plus, he's in high school. Going to a prom.

Come down off the high horse.
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uh ok dude. dont get your panties all tied up. im just freely typin on the internet
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