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Maxfield of l.a.

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Hi, What exactly is the store Maxfield of L.A.? Is it a type of vintage store as I have seen mentions of vintage Hermes items. Also what is the price point? Also what designers do they carry? Prada, Helmut Lang, etc? If anybody has any comprehensive information please share. Thanks.
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Maxfield L.A. is the best designer store in LA, on the "nice" side of Melrose. They carry the best edited designer collections from Gucci to Comme des Garcons to Balenciaga, as well as an assortment of high end "gifts" and vintage. It is definitely *not* a place to go for a bargain though. Semi-annually, they will have a sale, and eventually send their sale items down to Maxfield Bleu, on North Robertson Drive. Even there, the prices are, well, what you would expect to pay for designer (think $150/shirt = bargain.)
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I forgot to add this list of designers I have personally seen at Maxfield. They also used to carry Burberry, but have discontinued buying the Prorsum collections shortly after the Burberry store on Wilshire opened. Giorgio Armani (Black Label) Balenciaga Carol Christian Poell Dsquared2 Dior Homme Helmut Lang Prada Miu Miu Comme des Garcons Yamamoto (and Y's for men) Jean Paul Gaultier Dolce & Gabbana Roberto Cavalli Jil Sander Raf Simons Dirk Schonberger Dries van Noten Martin Margiela Barba (shirts only, I think) In terms of streetwear, I've seen: James Perse G Star Peresteso 2:1 I've probably missed a lot of names. Any Angelenos care to help me out?
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I was at Maxfield one time, and they had very nice items for sale. As for their gifts many of them fall under the novelty gift items thread earlier. I recall seing a Prada flashlight set there.
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