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Barbera by Partenopea?

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File this under, 'for academic interest.' Can anyone confirm or deny?

Luciano Barbera's top collection line is now done by Sartoria Partenopea. This sportcoat is made by Sartoria Partenopea. The firm is located in Naples, and they have their own label, as wll as doing private label, as well. To my understanding the firm was founded by two former Kiton employees. They have a wonderful operation that has a cult following that is growing.
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It's listed as 30% cashmere, 30% camel and 60% wool?
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Kellyb generally knows what she's talking about, but that seems a bit odd.
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I noticed the same thing. I'm a big fan of Partenopea (and, for that matter, Barbera), so I'm interested to see if this can be confirmed. She is a very good dealer and really knows her stuff.
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Given the calvacade of houses that have produced garments for Barbera, this seems to make perfect sense.

Paging Dr. Harris....
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Yep, some of the current garments are indeed made by Partenopea. Kellyb's auction piqued my interest as well, so I ran an ebay search to see if there were any current auctions showing the interior labels on the most recent version of Barbera suits. I found one, compared it with some pics of Partenopea labels I have on file and they are identical. The auction I found was a handmade suit with an odd label, so, I don't know for sure if all the recent Collezioni Sartoriale suits are Partenopea. Definitely could be the case though.

If your Barbera garment has "C.C.I.A.A. NAPOLI 495876" printed on the left side of the size/content label then it was tailored by Partenopea.
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So is Attolini totally out or is the Sartoriale stuff made by both?
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Attolini was two makers back, that was about two years ago I think.
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Originally Posted by A Harris
Attolini was two makers back, that was about two years ago I think.
Jesus, two makers in as many years?
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Actually, there have been three... (But now that I think about it, the Attolini's might be closer to three years old, so it's more like three makers in three years.) This is not uncommon though. Designers and private labels switch suppliers quite often. That's the beauty of having your own label.

It should be noted that the quality has not really suffered from the supplier changes. Barbera Collezioni Sartoriale has always been and continues to be a top tier garment, both in terms of tailoring and styling/sophistication.
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Sartoria Partenopea does a special line for Barbera in a "Barbera-cut". Nice to know: Barbera-Collection is alway 30% more than a regular Partenpea piece but it fits half as good Partenopea does. So buy Partenopea at your local dealer and not Babera on ebay!

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