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FS: Cheap Easy USA Canvas Sneakers/Plimsolls

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Black: ( White: ( I've done three runs of the same sneakers in the past. These are great, cheap summer sneakers. This is how it works: I have to order by 24 pair intervals. First come, first serve. These sneakers are much cheaper than anywhere else even with shipping. I can get them in black and white, sizes 7-13. You pay me when you order and I will ship out once a 24 pair interval is completed, which usually doesn't take long at all. I may not be taking int'l orders because it's a pain, but if there is enough int'l demand, I will do it. PM me anyway. Sizing Sizes from US 7-13 are available. Please see older threads for sizing advice. Price The company supplying these have raised the price, so I will have to as well, to $6 + shipping. This is still much cheaper than the $18 Urban Outfitters asks for the same ones (from the same supplier). If you buy more than 1 pair, you get a dollar off for every extra pair. Buy 2, get $1 off, 3 pairs, $2 off, on and on
Shipping 2 pairs or less can be shipped anywhere in the US for $5.50. For more than two pairs, please contact me for quote. How to order PM me with your color, size, zipcode, quantity. I will confirm your order and wait for payment and your address, then I will ship. If there are any questions, PM me. See original threads for sizing/general info: ( After page 16 you should find some info about sizing from people who received their orders. This thread will be changing. Please contact me with interest/questions. Thank you. I have done hundreds of transactions on sufu.
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why wuz you banne on sufu? will probly order a few pair depending on how much shipping is.
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just to confirm, these will fit the exact same way as the urban outfitters ones right?
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banned from sufu for misbehaving. look up my last posts. and yes, avery, they should. there are from the same exact manufacturer. thank you
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do they have that same horrible smell?
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i'm not sure what smell you're talking about? rubber from the soles? edit: Jekyll, if you are in US, there is a good chance i can flatrate it.
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do you still sell these?
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