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Peccary gloves?

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I'm looking for sources in the US to purchase cashmere lined gloves made from peccary leather. Dents makes them but I don't know of any US source. Any ideas? Thanks Kai
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yes, not easy to find. actually, i picked up a pair at Neiman Marcus in chicago not long ago. here's two places i know of http://www.bensilver.com/fs_stor....ay=2385 Dunhill in NYC also carries them, there's a pic on the dunhill.com site altho small. if you find you can't find them for a reasonable price, i'd be willing to part with my cashmere lined peccary gloves-- i actually prefer them unlined.
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I'm not sure if they're cashmere-lined, but I recall seeing some peccary gloves in a Paul Stuart catalog within the last couple of years. Good luck. Peccary is great stuff.
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