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I'd just get caffeine pills- helps you concentrate but can get addictive (like coffee). The other stuff is a tad scary IMHO.
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Yeah all that shit scares me. When I need energy I chug large amounts of water and/or eat lots of fruit.
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Caffiene is no more 'scary' then any of these agents.
If you took 1000mg of caffiene at once you would probably suffer side effects that could possibly cause you harm.

Same as if you abuse any substance.

Smoking, overeating, big macs, sausage, playing compeitive sports(football, baseball, basketball, racing, hockey, boxing) NONE of these are healthy activities in fact that are probably quite detrimential to your overall health in many respects.

Healthy would be drinking water only, exercising while miniminzing injury(side effects), eating a well balanced diet, probably taking vitamins, seeing your doctor, avoiding risky activities. etc.

Fett. Alfredo scares me more than ephedrine using appropriately. or getting tackled in the knees playing football. In fact, the rewards outweigh the risks in diet suppression, fat burning and performance relative to exercise. Yes, but if you take 5 at one time and die and the media generalizes bad stuff well that's like walking out in the street in front of a semi.
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I normally use Get Diesel's Ready4War. It's a crap-tastic tasting powder. Actually the taste has improved a lot over time. I'd say it's a manly taste

About $30.00 for a bottle of it (at and if you're using it just for nighttime alertness, a teaspoon in water or juice will do it, and you'll get months and months out of one bottle.

You can check out's forums and do a search on 'R4W' or 'Ready4War'. There's a lot of comments on it. I've been using it for years, though I'm not taking any lately - have 2 bottles sitting in the cupboard.

Good thing is that there's no crash. Also it's a smooth energy. It doesn't make you go bouncing all over the walls.

But Lipo 6 will curl your toes.
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Before you take anything with ephedrine in it, I encourage you to at least google and read some of the potential risks and summaries of studies done on it. I've taken it before and chased it with energy drinks, but this probably isn't especially healthy. From your description of why you want energy pills, I very much doubt the rewards outweight the risks for you.
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Ok, does anyone have any shops anywhere around them that would be willing to buy energy pills, probably redline, but we could talk about that later, that would be willing to sell them to me? I would pay you for doing it and I would pay for the pills and shipping. Thier arent any shops arpund here and I cant order offline. Well Thanks
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So, have to be the sensible one with Goblin, clean up your diet, exercise and sleep and I guarantee you'll have more energy all the time. Taking some kind of pill for it is just avoiding the real problem. The fact that it's saying 'hey buddy, i'm tired give me a rest' means you're treating it poorly.
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...Adderall? just kidding. Caffeine pills are the best bet, most other pills with bizarre proprietary blends are probably just gimmicks, are are most 'herbal' mixtures, with exception of Yerba Mate, which contains a type of caffeine. Ephedrine, maybe, but would be more difficult to acquire. Also, yes, if you get ephedrine research the possible dangers first.
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Cocaine energy drink, now marketed as 'No Name' Energy Drink.

Cocaine (known as No Name: in the U.S.) is a highly caffeinated energy drink distributed by Redux Beverages. According to the marketing, it is "The Legal Alternative" to cocaine. It contains three and a half times as much caffeine as the leading energy drink, Red Bull, as demonstrated on the label with "Energy Level:" followed by three bull heads and a half. Aside from caffeine the label boasts 750 milligrams of Taurine, another common stimulant ingredient found in many energy drinks.

You can't beat that with a stick.
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Black Beauties White Crosses Reds
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YAY! Ephedrine's back!! I take Dexedrine for my ADD, but you need a script for it.
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A good multi-vitamin. When I forget to bring these along on vacation or weekend trips I definitely feel sluggish.
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Yeah I always thought vitamins were bullshit....but was pretty amazed at how well the GNC Mega Men multis work for me.
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Originally Posted by ts4them View Post
YAY! Ephedrine's back!! I take Dexedrine for my ADD, but you need a script for it.

I took a 10 mg dose of Dexedrine yesterday and it's effects were minimal. Quite disappointed after hearing how it's a miracle study aid, etc.
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lols. whats wrong with eph+caff? like the 2nd poster said, properly dosed, its the best otc aid.
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