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suggestions for some nice casual pants?

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i'm looking for some nice casual pants because i'm getting sick of wearing jeans all the time...

any suggestions?

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I like flat-front, streety cords. Can often find a decent pair in a thrift store for $5.
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I bought a pair of Abercrombie cords a few years ago that I still wear though I purchased them at a time when I thought I was a 32 waist (instead of a 29-30 waist) and their leg openings have suffered great damage since they are also too long for me.

Anyway Cords, and nice pair of tan trousers are a good start. YOucan move into White, Darker Brown, Grey later. Good brands JCrew and others if you look on the popular sites found on these boards (activeendeavors, stevenalan, shopjake, etc.)
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Got a pair of these in black recently from SuperRag:
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Perhaps you could get linen or silk pants. Also, light-weight wool pants look and feel great.
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For summer, I think linen pants or some kind of cargo in a light weight ripstop material are good. For colder weather I mostly stick to jeans.
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Some might not consider twill jeans to be real jeans, but they're another alternative to denim. Also, you could try pants made from hemp.
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Two lower-cost alternatives are Producer pants from Express Men or Slim-fit chinos from H&M. The Producers are a little baggier and come in black and khaki and probably pinstripe, and they'll probably run you about $60 but I bet you can find them on sale.
I got a pair of the H&M chinos for $25 and I love them, they have a really slim distinctive cut. However, they're currently out of commission because they shrank a half-inch in the wash and need to be let out. Also, for $25 you are not getting the best construction on earth, these pants will probably fall apart within a year of hard wear.
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