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Best oxford shirt under $40?

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Hello, ive been look for an affordable oxford. Anyone know a place where i can get a good oxford online under 40 bucks?

also hows the fit and quality on Lands End shirts?
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b&s forum

i'm still a cheapass uni student, and i've yet to spend more than $50 on a shirt, so i just check the b&s forum like three times per day for things i want.
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Does it have to been online? It's really easy to find PRL shirts at discount stores like TJ Maxx. Lands' End shirts are servicable quality, but a little blousy for me.
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not online... but uniqlo
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Lands end makes a slimmer fit, as does LL bean. Those two are probably your best bets. Traditional companies that have been making this stuff for forever.
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Originally Posted by acidboy View Post
not online... but uniqlo

Yep. I remember spending about $19 for some great quality oxfords at Uniqlo. Give them a call if you're not in NYC.
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i like lands end
even their slim is blousy for my build (wide at the chest)
i get mined altered but i like them
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uniqlo def
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Brooks Brothers' can be had on sale or on Ebay for around $40 and the quality is better than Polo Ralph Lauren IMO.

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Not under 40, but slightly above is a house brand at Nordstrom named 1901. Bought 2 of the athletic fit oxfords that I really like. Price is $49.50
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Polo rugby on sale; there should be a 25 percent off sale coming up. The fit is pretty spot on for me. I am a medium in both rugby and gitman brothers but feel that the rugby is cut slimmer and better in the waist and hips, and very similarly in the chest and shoulder.
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i agree with uniqlo
cheap and a decent cut
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Affliction and Ed hardy oxfords are pretty awesumZZZ too according to .................
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gucci oxfords or bust.

but on the real, uniqlo is what's up, so cheap and really good, when i did budget steez uniqlo was the real deal.
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