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Apparently my scalp is bleeding (wtf)

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Every time I scratch the back of my head (not hard) I can feel little scab things, plus it's been itching a lot recently. I wash my hair once a day with Nizoral and rarely scratch back there. What's going on here?
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You should see a dermatologist or at the very least ask you barber. Maybe you're allergic to Nizoral.
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Do what Stach said. Seriously. I have some ideas right now but IANAD and don't remember the terms for it.
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Time for the dermatologist!
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Come to think of it, it's probably a lingering side effect from Accutane.
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Accutane and other chemicals don't mix very well.
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dusty - I had a similar problem a couple of years back. It was really gross, I was getting huge skin chunks flaking off whenever I put my hand through my hair. I went to a dermatologist and she told me it was eczema of my scalp, gave me some prescription shampoo (smelled bad) and some other lotion stuff, was gone within a couple days.
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Yeah, that's probably it. Dangit, I just went to the dermatologist and didn't even mention it.
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Senior moment?
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I'm 22!
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obviously your brain is oozing out of your scalp pores, drying up, and flaking off.
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To help prevent this once you get it figured out, I recommend brushing your scalp in the shower with a brush like this:

(one with flexible bristles and ball covered ends). I used to have scalp problems but since I started doing this every couple of days I haven't had a problem since. A lot of it came from letting my hair dry slowly from being wet and it probably helped that I started towel drying it and using waxy glue stuff instead of gel (which builds up on your scalp).
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I called the dermatologist and she said to alternate types of dandruff shampoo, which I almost know is not going to work.

j - Interesting idea with the brush, I might try that. I already do the other things you mentioned.
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Why not give the dermatologist's idea a shot? After all, she's probably seen a lot of patients with scalp issues. If it doesn't work, make an appointment.
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I didn't say I wasn't going to try it.
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