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Originally Posted by poorsod View Post
Do you guys know what the fjords are like this time of the year? I think that would be the point of going to Oslo.

beautiuful in bergen
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Bergen is a much nicer place the Oslo
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Go for Copenhagen! It's quite cold in April for boating in the Oslo fjord, and it's nothing spectacular. Sure, it's different from most US cities, but Oslo is expensive and there's so much more to see in Copenhagen. (By the way, Oslo can't compete with my home town - Arendal. 4 hour drive from Oslo, and boating here beats Oslo any day. (The city centre is in the right uppermost corner, this is from an island where they throw a yearly music festival, called Hove Festival))
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The women in Norway and Oslo are the most beautiful in the world.
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CPH may be cheaper than Oslo but it is still one of the most expensive cities in the world.

I loved CPH, and was there in Nov in 2009. Just a gorgeous city.

That said I prefer 2-3 days in a city so I would say 3 in CPH, then 2 in Oslo.

Everyone says great things about the Louisiana museum. Can give other recommendations if you would like.
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You don't go to Norway for Oslo. You go to Norway for the nature. However, you do go to Denmark for Copenhagen.
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The fjords in Norway are cold and the food really suck. It's expensive too. I would spend time in Copenhagen.
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Wow this thread was from last year. We ended up going to Oslo and drove to Bergen via Aurland and back to Oslo via Geilo. We went by lots of little towns along the way and you realize Norway's remote and rugged terrain. The whole country is fantastically expensive. Stockholm was cheap in comparison.
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I would not spend any time in Oslo for a large reward. Copenhagen is also a boredom personified, but still much better option than Oslo.
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I'm from Scandinavia and I've spent a lot of time in Copenhagen. I'd take Copenhagen any time of the year. Its a really vibrant city with good food, good nightlife, nice girls and nice clubs. What more does a man want. Plus, the weather in the spring should be better in Copenhagen. Oslo is rather dull compared to Copenhagen.
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