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Copenhagen or Oslo end of April?

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I'm thinking of spending 4 or 5 days in Copenhagen or Oslo during the last week of April. I thought of trying to hit both cities but I think that is too rushed. Which city do you prefer at that time of the year? Am I right that Oslo and the fjords are too cold at that time of the year? BTW I'm actually flying in and out of Stockholm and spending 6 nights there (business).
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I didn't find copenhagen too cold in feb. april should be nice
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Oslo is a wonderful city but really comes to life when it's warm. If you can go there , then go. But if you can go there in May or June, then that would be the ideal time to enjoy it IMO.
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I prefer Copenhagen to Oslo. I imagine you'll have more-or-less the same weather in either city at the end of April.
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Copenhagen would be my pick of the two, warmer, cheaper and nice women.

Ive only ever been to Oslo in winter. I love the place but its prohibitively expensive. You will be served by Swedes everywhere you go in Oslo anyway so it wont be that different than Sweden..
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Oslo being expensive...that too. Since it's not as big a tourist destination, there are fewer deals to be had for tourists.

On the plus side for Oslo, I had an abso-fucking-lutely awesome whale steak there.
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C'hagen hands down. Oslo is a piece of shit.
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I am a swede who have been living in Oslo for two years and although it's a nice place I must say I prefer Copenhagen. Better shopping and a bit cheaper although not that cheap. The weather in the end of April should hopefully be ok here in Oslo but think the chances are a bit better in Copenhagen.
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I don't know where you're coming from or what you're looking for, as that might make a difference.

Oslo is quite small for a European capital city -- about .5 million in the city -- but in a prettier location than Copehagen. Copenhagen has about 1.5 million, making it more like a standard European capital with more street life, night life, etc. If I compared them to American cities I'd say Oslo is like Anchorage; Copehagen is more like Portland, OR.

You can probably conquer Oslo in 2 full days with ease, leaving you a couple days to get out of the city for some time in the great outdoors. That may be better in summer, since it's likely still cool and rainy in April, but if you are aching for some Scandinavian scenery and the like, then I'd pick Oslo.

If you want a more urban experience though, I think it'd be a lot easier to entertain yourself in Copehagen for 3 or 4 days. Denmark is a lot flatter, but Copenhagen's got more going on.
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Thanks for the advice. It seems Copenhagen is in the lead.
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Oh, and coming from Stockholm, you can take the high-speed train right to the Copenhagen city center.
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keep in mind, at least when i was there, norway is a really really expensive country. I went in 04 and it was $13 for a pint of beer and liek $15 for a pack of smokes. And cheapest meals we found were like bacon wrapped hotdogs for $8 at 7-11.
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Copenhagen. Swim in the harbour and take a day trip to Malmo. Also, cycle everywhere.
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If you decide on Copenhagen, consider spending an after at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
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Do you guys know what the fjords are like this time of the year? I think that would be the point of going to Oslo.
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