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Taking in a jacket's waist?

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How much can the waist of a jacket be brought in? And how much should one expect to pay for this alteration?

I ask because I have a Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece blazer (bought from Tarheel) that is causing me some problems. It's the classic Brooks loose fit. The fabric and construction are amazing, but it's just a little too shapeless. The original price was ridiculously good, so it's fine to put a little money into the alterations, but I don't want to end up with a jacket that looks like a woman who's been through one too many plastic surgeries.
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The actual taking-in is an easy tailoring job and shouldn't be that costly, since not that much is involved. I've had waists taken in by 2" with no ill effects on the silhouette of the jacket or unwanted creases, etc., appearing. However, I think that you'd want to talk this over with a good tailor--i.e., one who has an eye for line as well as being able to sew--before proceeding. Obviously, if you alter one part of the overall jacket too much, this can lead to unintended effects on the garment as a whole and on the overall look of it.
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