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D&G Shoes

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Hey guys,

Just signed up to the forum and thought I would get under way by asking for your opinions on these shoes/trainers. I think they would look cool with the right outfit! What do you think?

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LOL....not a fan then
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I see the point, but not the attraction.
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welcome to SF but yeah Im with Tom, not a fan of those. Too much bling for my little foots.
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Fair enough...anyone else? I'm a big fan of D&G's products and the fact that alot of their items are very unique
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btw thanks for the welcome guys....wheres my manners

I see what you mean about them standing out too much...maybe the same style but with more subtle colours.
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FWIW, I like the cut/shape, as sneakers go. Low profile and relatively simple. Screw it dude, if you can pull it off with one of the new Hickey bright-paisley sportcoats, or something with dragons on it, then cool. But it's one of those things, that if you have to ask...

So you know, you're going to get a lot more businesswear advice here than you will fashion comments. Even the streetwear side frowns on "fashion victims," whatever that means. If you keep a thick skin and don't get discouraged, you'll get some useful advice.

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yeah its not a board for labelmaniacs and I dont think you will find a lot of Gabbanalove here, but welcome once more. Its a fun place to waste billable time and it accidentally costs you a shitload on clothes you never realised you always needed.
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Thanks for the heads up guys
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For soccer yes. On a side note, I will endorse D&G cologne though.
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I actually like the color scheme a lot but the huge Dolce and Gabbana branding across the shoe is a little offensive. I would still wear it if someone gave them to me though.
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I'm very much into the clubbing scene, which is I why I thought these would be a possible purchase. Any recommendations on clothing colours to suit, hypothetically speaking of course
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Personally, I am not a fan of wearing products that espouse the brand with obscenely large lettering, images, etc. That said, I think these shoes are quite horrid and I would never wear them. I do not feel there exists a correct outfit to match these shoes. However, if you can pull this off, then excellent.
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Frequently people post "isn't this stylish" with a 7-button suit or the like. I thought this was one of those posts and actually laughed until I realised you were serious. If you have the confidence to pull them off then maybe, but if you have to ask people will simply think you are a label-conscious fashion victim.
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