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month long vacations

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i have not had a vacation for a couple of years and i would like to spend a month in italy. does anyone know of a place i could rent for a month, preferably in rome? it doesn't have to be luxurious. i don't plan to be there much beyond sleeping. p.s. this would be for september or october.
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If you plan to truly relax and sleep, why not get out of the city? Rent a cottage in or near a sleepy village on top of one of the hills of Tuscany, like Radda (in Chianti). Great food, great wine, beautiful scenery, friendly people, etc. And, you're just an hour from the fantastic culture, food and shops of Florence.
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I have an old friend/colleague who rents villas. None in Rome...but if you want to get out of the city. They are in Tuscany and Umbria I believe. The link is bob
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thank you all for the advice. i'm really more of a city guy. i wouldn't mind taking a day trip to the countryside, but i'd prefer to spend the bulk of my time in rome.
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does anyone know what an average apartment, in an average neighborhood, goes for in rome?

in l.a. it's about $1200-$1500 for a 1 bedroom in a decent neighborhood.
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Some friends of ours recommend Studio Fori for apartment rentals in Rome. Just after the last Labor Day in America, we visited them in their rental in the Trastevere. The apartment was quite nice. While we didn't inquire as to what they paid, they crowed about getting a last-minute deal from the agent.

If you are flexible as to where in Rome you stay, this might be a viable option for you. Evidently, you can find an apartment you like and negotiate a month-long rate with the agent. The closer to your travel date, the lower the price.

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Trastavere might be a good fit for you. It's historically a bit of a black sheep to the rest of Rome, but I understand its low rents are starting to draw student and artist communities. You'll get a great mix of locals, from the artistes to archetypical Italian grannies who have not only never left Rome but no shit never crossed the river to the city proper.

Not 100% sure about rents but for a furnished vacation-rental you'll probably be looking at 2000 euros or more for a small 1BR.


edit: some of the options here are 65 euros per day, or just under 2000 for a month.
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I also recommend Trastevere as a good base for an extended stay. It's a lively area, with a real neighborhood feel. Rents should not be ridiculous.

As an alternative to Rome, have you considered Venice? It's a truly unique city, and a month-long stay would really let you get under the skin of the place.
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thanks for the link tom. i found a few options there.

trilby, venice doesn't appeal to me much for some reason. i have a fascination for rome that stems from old movies and history lessons on psycopathic roman emperors.
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