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Shoe Choice Assistance

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I want to say I'm leaning towards the FAMs in both instances, but not sure on the black shoes..
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For what purpose/situation? What else do you have?

I can't see #2, the page isn't working. #3, I'm not really a fan as shown (those pictures are bad and the color is off), but with some antiquing I think those would be very impressive. #1 are pretty normal looking, nice but very sedate. #4 too hybrid or something. It's like the Andy/Mantellassi loafer toe on a derby. Could be nice, but I'm not amazed.

Overall, of the three, #3.
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I liked #3 the most among all of them, then the 4th, then #1

Id go with the tans
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#3 then #1 (depends on what they're for, of course)
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If you must have a black shoe, the second one is EG and will probably sell for a bargain price. My favorite is the last one, though, the dark brown Santoni. The two are very different shoes, however. #2 (the EG for RLPL) is more formal and appropriate for wear with a suit, whereas #4 (the Santoni) is a great casual shoe for wear with almost anything except a suit.
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I think I agree with thinman. I take it you're aware that there's a full size spread (10.5 - 11.5) among those shoes? Or did you just link to the easiest pic?
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Linked to easiest pic. Lazy.

Anyways, these would be for a business casual work environment, but be paired with a suit every now and again.
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#4 would be my choice
then #2
then #1
then #3
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