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I would consider a pink shirt with that, but not too light, almost a rose color. I might then go for a deeper marroon tie, assuming it contrasted nicely with the shirt. I think going for a bunch of different colors in the red family, without any of them being the same, could make for an interesting look, but I'd have to see it.
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Don't have the Royal 12 book to make a comparison but the Amadeus book has a dark charcoal grey with red double line beaded windowpane pattern. Of the four color choices in this pattern the grey looks to be the best. The Atlas book also has several windowpanes to choose from.

I like striped shirtings with windowpanes. Boldness of stripe being contrasting but complimentary to the windowpane pattern.
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Sounds delicious! I'd go for it myself.
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Originally Posted by mano
I recently sold a Scabal suit in super 100s dark charcoal with red/vermillion windowpane. Gorgeous material and pattern.

which I absolutely love and wear as often as possible.. thanks again
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