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Red Windowpane on black

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Saw an interesting cloth in Dormeuil book. It's a fine line dark red windowpane (about 1 1/4 x 1 1/2") on black worsted. Looks neat for a suit (thinking SBPL) and was wondering what the forum thinks would go with it. I generally stay away from black but the pattern is intriguing. Sorry I don't have a picture.
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I know EXACTLY the cloth you mean - I was looking at it this very afternoon!

From Dormeuil's Royal 12 book, right? Pin-width red check and the black cloth has a sort of shadow-check.

It's utterly gorgeous. I was thinking a 2BSB with hacking and ticket pocket for it.

I decided against purely because, well, I couldn't see what I was going to wear with it because I find it very tricky to complement black suits. The only black suit I have is a very classic black pinstripe and even that I sometime struggle to match to.

If you can think of a few shirt/tie combos you'd like to wear with the red check/black background, I'd say go for it, because the cloth is lovely.

(I ended up choosing a charcoal grey from the same book with a red pinstripe and a shadow-stripe for a 3-piece 3BSB instead.)
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Hard to say without a pic, but I would likely stay away - I'd wager that you wear it a lot less than you think. If you really want an unusual piece and aren't worried about it having some serious closet time, go for it. But it would be more likely be the 25th suit I bought rather than the 12th... Not sure where you are in your purchasing history - I am guessing that you already have a basic wardrobe.
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I think it sounds great. For me, it would get much more wear than basic navy or charcoal....but my suit wearing practices are off the beaten path.
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Avoid if you have dark hair and a goatee (or van dyke)
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I've a black with red windowpane cashmere sportscoat by Brioni and consider it to be very handsome.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
Avoid if you have dark hair and a goatee (or van dyke)
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Sounds ominous. Go for it.
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White shirt seems very stark but I do have a red/grey/black tie that would "make a statement" . I'm thinking maybe a light grey shirt and a tie having red as a secondary color. Any other suggestions? You're right Holdfast, this isn't an easy one
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^ Grey shirt isn't a bad idea at all. I didn't think of that.

The main thing I could think of was cream shirt + tie with red accents. I did feel that a brown shirt might work with it too.

The patterns just not versatile enough, sadly. If it was dark grey, it would have been a no-brainer to pick this cloth. But as it is, I had to resist, as I said.
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Grey shirts seem like they should be reserved to Imperial extras in Star Wars. But, that's just me.
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I recently sold a Scabal suit in super 100s dark charcoal with red/vermillion windowpane. Gorgeous material and pattern.
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Jovan Grey shirts seem like they should be reserved to Imperial extras in Star Wars. But, that's just me.

I'd need the jacket to be DB for it to be sufficiently menacing.

Another question, would a vest work? I don't see too many windowpane suits and wonder if anyone has seen a vest. And if so lapels or no lapels (the jacket would be SB w/peak lapels).
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Having seen it myself, I would not recommend a waistcoat with this particular fabric. The size of the windowpane and the vibrancy of the red on black would not suit it I think. Just my opinion of course.
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Thanks Holdfast, the more I think about it I tend to agree. The horizontal lines of the pattern on the vest wouldn't work. I'll try to post pictures when it's done
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