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Matching shirt with jeans

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Hi, Im going to get this shirt
but I need to know which color would look best on someone with pale some what pinkish skin, brown eyes, and dirty dirty blonde hair. And also what jeans should go with it. Any help would be appreciated I need to put together an outfit fast
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My first advice would be skip the shirt. My second advice would be to size up on the jeans one or two sizes, so you can fit your 9 in the waistband. Just being honest (with a little sarcasm thrown in )
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BTW, what's up with Girbaud? What's the difference, if any, between the cheap, hip-hop-ish tees-and-denim line that sells at Ross and the expensive shit featured on Yoox and even Virtual Clotheshorse?
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Well drjays is just the only place i have found that sells casual clothes that i wear. Im not picky towards girbaud, its just that i was asking someone which shirt i should get and he told me to see if they have girbaud and they did so i picked that one. I need a shirt and jeans thats all and wouldnt mind some advice on matching. None of my clothes I have now fit me and I cant goto the mall or anything like that.
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this is a streetwear and denim forum. not just for one type of stuck up fashion.
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Ok, in all seriousness, to the OP: What look are you going for here? If you could tell us a bit more about what you want the end result to be, maybe we could help. Also, the forum title can be a bit confusing. While it is the "Streetwear and Denim" forum, I'd say that the vast, vast majority of people here use the term "streetwear" differently than the vast majority of people in the country, just so you understand why we might point you towards some of the stuff we do.
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whoa girbaud. wasn't that stuff popular like 10 years ago?
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Girbaud has a licensee in the States, IIRC, whose main concerns are "urbanwear". However, the line is a fashion line in Europe with runway shows, etc... Sort of like Armani Exchange vs. Giogio Armani mainline.
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I used to roll in lots of Girbaud in High School...

I think LA is right. The stuff that I see in Europe these days is quite different from the US stuff.

I still dont buy it, but it is deffo different

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I wouldn't wear a tshirt whether it said Giorgio Armani across the front or Armani Exchange. There is no difference.
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