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Alright, I need some help with choosing a decent pair of khaki's or chinos, I quite honestly do not know the difference.

I know this may sound pretentious, but this was the way I have been raised. I have been going to private schools all my life and am now attending a private college and therefore I dress in a certain way, which is currently called preppy.

In the past I have worn Brooks Brothers almost exclusively, unfortunately the quality of these trousers has begun to head south. Since I don khaki's for most of the time I need some that will last and have some kind of tailored fit. The two brands that are most touted as being the ideal mix of style and quality are Wings and Horns and Save Khaki. I wanted to know if there are any others I should be looking at. Thanks in advance.
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If you have the budget ($250-300?) for them, I'd say Incotex makes a pretty optimal quality/style/fit chino. I find them quite comfortable (they fit very well) and they really do look great.

I would suggest Bill's khakis, but I suspect you might find them too "traditional"; their M3 warrants a look, though, as it's slimmer-fitting.

Actually, for a fairly cheap-but-good chino, J Crew isn't bad - I just bought a pair of white slim-fitting chinos there today.

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I second the motion on Incotex. You can sometimes find them in the B/S section for much less than $250-300.
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Or Mabitex. Currently at Daffy's, $20-50/pair.
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Anything above $250 is a but ridiculous, especially for chinos/khakis because most of my tailored pants cost that much and obviously the fit/construction is superior. Therefore my price range is around $100-$200.
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Perhaps you might want to check out Dockers D1 slim fit.

I believe fit is more important than price for clothes in general.
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J Crew, Gap, and Banana Republic have some cheap alternatives.
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