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Men and nylon underwear....

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HA HA...well I own and wear nylon underwear...EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE...breath well, feels like I am going free style, with the comfort of briefs... Any comments form other members?
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I started a thread a while back about synthetic underwear, but I was mostly concentrating on the shirts. It doesn't seem many people have experience with it. I really like the shirts, though.
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I do a lot of physical activity (exercise, hiking, etc.) and synthetic is the only way to go. Cotton clothing SUCKS for those purposes. A lot of companies now make synthetic workout clothing, easy to find both the nice stuff and cheaper end.
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can you guys give examples of some of the quality brands to look for? these sound like they could be useful when excercising.
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Check out "Under Armour" brand.  They make all sorts of garments and use it in the NFL and MLB.
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"caleda" (swiss) makes a line called 'just feel' made out of tactel and elastane; "jil male underwear" (france) makes some very good synthetic fibre ones as well (made out of modal and elastane but not sure what modal is or if it's french for something); "jimz skinz" (canada) makes a nice synthetic line as well
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Much to my surprise Target(yes, that Target) carries an inexpensvie, good quality line of nylon underwear, mostly briefs..
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Calvin Klein makes a line of nylon stuff. I love their microfiber trunks.
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i believe that target's underwear (house brand) is made by the 2(x)ist people
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Do you guys all wear Speedos too?
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brands I wear Under Armor Calvin Klein New Balance Patagonia (hiking brands) Marmot
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