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Bought my first pair of decent shoes. Now need shoe care help.

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They are the AE Harrison's in brown. I was reading some old threads and almost nobody uses the same exact items/method. I want to minimize scuffs and creases, not have a military shine, and for them to last a long time. Are the following items enough, too little, or too much for shoe care?

1. AE conditioner/cleaner
2. AE heel and sole dressing
3. Lincoln wax or AE premium shoe polish?
4. AE shoe cream
5. soft cotton cloth
6. moisture protection...do I need this? If yes, what is a good product?
7. shoe trees. If you had to choose from the following, which would it be and why?





Is the following method good?

1. Wipe dust and dirt off. Let dry.
2. Apply the conditioner/cleaner. Let dry.
3. Apply shoe cream. Let dry.
4. Apply a polish or wax. Let dry.
5. Buff with soft cotton cloth.
6. Apply heel and sole dressing...should this be after the first step?
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Sounds like you are ready to offer a master class in shoe care.
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I too was concerned that I wanted to do all that is available to preserve my shoes. However, I've come to the conclusion that less (or moderate), is better. Ask yourself -- is it really necessary to go through a 6-7 step protection process with brand new shoes?

Here's what I do:

(1) inspect my new shoes for any defects. Then I try them on and walk around a bit.

(2) Wipe off excess dirt or dust. Apply a shoe cream (I use Meltonian). Let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, I use a horsehair brush to rub in. The horsehair really brings out a nice shine (not military).

And, that's it. The shoe cream will also moisturize the shoe, so there's no need to apply a separate moisturizer or conditioner. No need to use cleaner on a brand new shoe, either. I used to apply a spray-on water repellant, but there's really no need for this unless you live in very rainy environment. The cream will provide water protection, too. I only use heal dressings if I nick my shoe. Other than that, I use shoe trees in all my shoes and use shoe bags when travelling.

The important part is wearing and enjoying the shoe. You bought a good quality shoe, and not much needs to be done before you wear it. Enjoy
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I agree with UMarc's point about moderation, but I would definitely go with a wax polish after the cream (and probably would skip the spray-on water repellant). Wax polish provides much more protection and nicks and scratches than cream polish does, and over time the repeated polish/wear/polish/wear (generally no need for repeated applications of the cream) will develop into a nice patina. Wax polish also gives the option of going with the fabled "mirror shine" (don't sue me sysdoc!) if you're so inclined.
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A tip: When you apply the heel / sole dressing. Hold the shoe up, but keep the shoe right side up. That stuff is quite concentrated, so if any drips, it falls down - away from the shoe.
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URMarc: I should've been more clear. That method is what I would use after extended wear. How long I have no idea (I would guess every 3 weeks or whenever it looks like it's needed).

lawyerdad and designprofessor: Good tips.

Still need help on the shoe trees. Will a $15 tree from Marshall's do the same job as a $35 one? The $35 one i'm talking about is on the 2nd link and I read it was one of the best.

I don't live in FL, but in Boston and it can get really wet sometimes (this Spring sucked). I think I will need a water repellant. I use the following for my Timberland boots and was wondering if it's okay for my AE's?

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