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body workouts

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i have noticed many posts/threads about people being upset about their physique+characteristics and i thought since i have been trying to lose weight and you have all helped me, why dont i do the same. Looking through all of these threads i have found a few helpful things mainly this

if you scroll down a bit you will be able to see the top 10 ways to tone your ab muscles.

REMEMBER: If you make yourself believe you cant do it, you wont succeed.
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also, i got a question.

I saw somewhere (i forget where, sorry) that drinking water can actually DECREASE your tone in your abs and some other places. Me, all i drink is water/milk and coffee here and there. Should i cut down the amount of water or is this a mythe?
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Thanks for the link. I think I've decided that my goal will be to give myself a sixpack for Christmas, and those will definitely help.

I haven't heard of water consumption decreasing tone. Perhaps they mean that if you were to lose water weight by not drinking as much, muscle definition becomes more prominent? Regardless, drinking plenty of water has a mountain of benefits so I doubt even if this were true you'd really want to change your habits (unless you're in a bodybuilding show or the like).
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Your abs (and the rest of your muscles) look more ripped when you are dehydrated. That doesn't make it a healthy approach. Especially if you are working out frequently, be sure to drink plenty of water.
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