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Linen pocket squares, knit tie

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Because I know how how prized inexpensive linen squares are around these parts, and to help pay for some recent, shall we say, extravagances, I have some lovely linen pocket squares to offer. All are by Polo, and all are new. I think all have their tags, but if this is of grave importance to you, let me know and I'll check. These retail for $60, I believe. But a search of previous linen square sales showed most went for between $17 and $20 shipped, so I'll split the difference and ask for $18.50. That's includes regular shipping; if you want priority or express mail, I'm happy to do it, provided you'll pay the difference. Otherwise, I'll stuff 'em in an envelope and send 'em on. (Shipping is for folks in the U.S., of course. If you're elsewhere, I'll have to check on how much it would be.)

Now on with the show:

Navy and white: SOLD

Navy and pink (have two of this one) ONE SOLD, OTHER SOLD PENDING PAYMENT:

Green and purple (two of this one, too): BOTH SOLD PENDING PAYMENT

Black and blue (two of this one, too) BOTH SOLD PENDING PAYMENT:

And quite possibly my favorite, orange and blue (three of this, I liked it so much) ALL SOLD PENDING PAYMENT:

I also have a NWT Polo knit tie. It's a solid navy blue, 2.5 inches wide at tip. It'll get to you for $21.50 shipped.

PM if interested. First come, first served. Payment by PayPal or money order. If the squares don't sell here, I'll throw 'em up on eBay (and probably start the bidding higher than what I'm asking for 'em here shipped).

Thanks for looking.
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If anyone is having trouble seeing the pics, please let me know. Also, if any of the colors look "off," let me know that too. Thanks.
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I'll take the navy and pink and the green and purple.

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One orange and blue square left, along with the knit tie.
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Knit tie is all that's left, unless someone changes his mind.
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