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Streetwear in the gym?

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Other than work, I spend most of my time in the gym. I keep myself in shape for any marathon/ultra that might come my way, so it's typical for me to be in a gym 2 or 3 times a day, 7 days a week.

I don't pay much mind to everyone else, but when I deal with my streetwear, it's mostly to wear in the gym. Shirts, hoodies and shoes.

I'll be getting a bunch of Jay Allen's shirts and hoodies in the near future, and needless to say I'll be sweating them to death while running on treadmills and elliptical machines.

I'll start posting pics of my gymwear (have to learn how to take decent pics with my camera or cellphone first... tips appreciated) but I am curious what others wear to workout?

I'm very interested in what others here wear when they're sweating it out. Pics would be very helpful, but descriptions would suffice

Thanks for any tips, and I look forward to any and all replies to this!
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I work out at home in an air-conditioned/heated garage, so I generally wear a wifebeater and track pants or shorts, since I don't have to worry about looking trashy. I wear Chucks because they're flat, cheap, and I wear them anyway. Good for deadlifting, squatting, etc.
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I wear heavy 21oz denim. No biggie.
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White Hanes tagless tshirt, black or navy mesh shorts, New Balance running sneakers, low socks, ipod mini, gloves. I try to keep it simple. I'm there to work out, not for a fashion show. Although, I don't mind it when the ladies put on a show with their skimpy gym clothes.
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I'm pretty much with DarkNWorn here. I usually wear some sort of sleeveless moisture-wicking shirt instead of a plain t-shirt, but yeah--the extent of my gym fashion lies in deciding what color top to wear with my black shorts. I wouldn't want to subject my delicious Jay Allen shirt (or hoodie, once I get one) to all that sweat!
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You 21oz. heavyweights! Do you even NEED to work out?

Haha... now you're making me feel sorry for the Jay Allen wear that I don't even own yet.

Thanks so far, this is great insight!
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Originally Posted by DarkNWorn
Although, I don't mind it when the ladies put on a show with their skimpy gym clothes.

That's basically what it boils down to for me. I enjoy the show the ladies put on, and while I don't dress up that much, I would like to be one of the guys who dress up a little to give a little entertainment back.

It doesn't hurt to get the occasional smile once in awhile
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I would say a $30 t-shirt is wasted on the gym.
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Originally Posted by montecristo#4
I would say a $30 t-shirt is wasted on the gym.
That depends... considering that a moisture-wicking athletic shirt can cost $30-$60... I've switched to $10.00 Old Navy cotton shirts for my current gymwear, which gets loaded with heavy sweat, but is cheaper and more stylish in the long run, and if you stay away from grey, you don't see the sweat. Not to put down Jay Allens... but I figure for the price range, I'd be dressing a lot better than Old Navy for less than the price of a Nike Dri-Fit singlet In the past, I've made my own custom cotton tees (homemade, not professionally done, I assure you) and for me, the greatest thing was to wear them prominently as I ran. The idea of killing JA's shirts with my body salt is by no means a derogatory act. I mean it as a means of flattery. To be blunt, I wear my best clothes in the gym. Note that I'm currently not wearing *any* suits (I get to wear jeans to work this year). Those of you who might be taking offense at my use of Jay's shirts, my apologies... I mean no harm With that said, I have a ton of new, cheap shirts coming in the mail, so most likely I will be reserving Jay's shirts for casual outings, rather than gym romps. But that Rising Sun shirt, with a pair of track pants? I can almost see myself crossing a finish line in that I get the idea that for most here, working out is just 'working out' and there's no fashion involved... which is what I surmised. And that is how it should be. I know I'm a little on the odd side, but I'm basically harmless. Anyone wear a track suit? I mean to spark friendly debate here. I never gave gym wear much thought until I realized, lately, that I go through 4 sets of clothes a day, 3 of them being gym clothes. Makes me want to put a little more thought into these things.
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I wear wicking stuff - from the marathon shop Actually, I generally do sprints or mile or 2 mile intervals when on the treadmill, and sweat buckets as is. So it's short sleeve running jerseys (usually zip) and running shorts for me. And I wear pretty much the same stuff when lifting. Mind you, I am not that serious a lifter.
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Jay's shirts are 50/50, right? I like blends better than straight poly because they don't hold smells. From everything Jay's said, I'm guessing he beats up the shirt more before it gets to you than anything you could do in the gym.
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Tanks and shorts, usually a t-shirt for yoga.
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i usually wear surfwear or fightwear (which comes from surfwear).

so, that means usually some board shorts (quicksilver is really making some nice ones), or fight shorts. on top, i like wearing a rashguard or t-shirt. if i'm cutting weight, it's sweatpants, hoodie and a light tracksuit over it.

for fightwear, my favorite brand is inspirit from japan, check them out at:
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ive never been in a gym, but i sweat alot. i skateboard 3-4 times a week, 2-3 hours at a time, which is pretty hot here in florida in the summer. i wear my CMF Hommes and some socks and shoes. the shirt is off in about 2 min, so im not even gonna mention that.

probably not the best clothes to play in, but damn the fading is coming in nicely. whiskers and lap fading at less than 3 weeks? what?

wait till my phone bill is paid and ill bombard you with pics.
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Originally Posted by cheapmutha
wait till my phone bill is paid and ill bombard you with pics.

Is the phone company holding you prisoner until you pay your bill?
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