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Maybe the lowly peanut can be considered somewhat lacking in class, but even that's a stretch. There is no question about who is the king of nuts: the macadamia.
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What a pretentious dork. There's absolutely nothing wrong with serving nuts at such a gathering. Sheesh.

For cooking, I like pinenuts and pecans. There is a walnut pasta sauce I like to make, also, but walnuts always make my tongue "burn", for lack of a better word.

For munching, I pfefer cashews and pistachios.
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Interesting the brazil nut has gotten zero votes. Some un-PC trivia, the brazil nut was commonly known as a "nigger toe" to folks up thru the Baby Boomers.
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And they are high in Selenium, which makes you happy. I prefer hazelnuts or almonds, but I do a white chocolate cherry macadamia nut cookie that rules. Regards, Huntsman
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The guy was an ass. It's greasy potato chips for him from now on. That would probably fit his concept of "classy."
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I would have told him he was welcome to go out and get some caviar to rectify the situation. That would be the Beluga or Osetra of course.

Pistachio gets my vote, but I love walnuts and cashews as well.
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I remember as a young lad when we would go up into the mountains to collect hazelnuts. Those were the days...
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Many of the best hotel bars serve mixed nuts(sans peanuts). Good to see you use a serving spoon, I wish more places would. The Ritz and the Four Seasons don't, but they'll give you a fresh bowl if you ask.
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I think that you have to take the source into consideration. I don't know your friend, but when I think of times that I have heard people make comments such as this it is generally not from the most "classy" of individual. Pretentious maybe, but not who I would consider with class.

I agree with the earlier sentiment that what was truly "unclassy" was this guy receiving your hospitality and making a comment about it.

My momma didn't raise me that way...

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Brazil nuts suck.
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I was in a similar situation once. I told my friend that I had no interest in being around his friend (the jerk) ever again. Situation solved!
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Funny about the word "classy." You really don't hear people from the upper classes use it.

A similar phrase I find curious is "no class," as in "He's got no class." Certainly he does. It's just decidedly lower.
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I really enjoy eating spicy peanuts. The hotter the better.
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For people like this we have the ignore function.
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Ok, thanks for the reality check everyone. I did pretty much chalk it up to him having one of his 'odd' moments, but for some reason, it did trigger a little neurotic second-guessing. Not that I'm a beluga and foie gras type of guy anyway.

And thanks for participating in the stupid/whimsical poll.
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