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2 Flowers

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I was wondering what anyone knows about this brand? I just bought a sport shirt from Lance and love it -- the fabric feels like air. Trim fit, very very nice. The retail price is very high on these shirts, but it seems like kind of an obscure brand.
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I have a couple of 2 Flowers shirts - they are made in Italy and I have been very happy with the ones I have. They come highly recommended!
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Not at all an obscure brand, lots of better conservative men's stores in the US carry them as their "casual" brand- they generall do a whimsical, as-seen-through-Italian-eyes" take on American preppy, which means that all the details are a little exaggerated and the cut is infinitely better than the originals. Lots of bright colors and fake clubs of various sorts. Not really my style (though I like occasional pieces) but a whole lot better than Nat Nast. Often sold alongside Coast and Masons, both of which I prefer.
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Coast and Masons are, IMO, not as well-made as 2 Flowers. While 2 Flowers is no Borrelli, they have significantly nicer finishing than either of those brands.
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