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Originally Posted by discostu004
honestly i'm probably going to bid on all the lots. for instance, the shoes i put up here are contained in 3 separate lots, but within those lots are probably 20 pairs of worthless beaten up shoes, then a few lizard/crocs that have been worn and have some value, then some random belts. the leather jacket is in a lot with 2 $2,700 purple label cashmere blazers brand new and 10 random shirts. there is no rhyme or reason to how they paired it up, just probably threw it all together b/c the interest will be low b/c what normal person wants to buy 20 shoes to get 1?
It occurs to me that if you're going to get stuck with the "worthless" beaten-up shoes anyway, assuming they're beaten-up versions of stylish/good quality shoes, they may be of some interest to forum members who like, or are interested in learning how to, antique shoes themselves.
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This is very compelling. Some of the shoes look new. I am fond of estate sales-it brings out the worst in people.
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i'll definitely offer the more worn ones, and they'd probably be like $20 or something low, especially if people were to experiment with antiquing on shoes that didn't cost a fortune. otherwise, i'm donating a lot of it to goodwill, but i'll certainly take pix of all of it on the chance that people want some of it
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I'm interested in all the new 11.5s.
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Interested in the 10.5s/11s..
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The RLPL monkstraps look excellent. I'm a US12, so I can't wait to see what you get.
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the arcade machine is on my list also
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Very interesting. Does anyone have a link to the online viewing that works? The one in the article is for one of those fake search engines.

ED: NM, only one of the links doesn't work.
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Vette is awesome.

Detroit iron rocks
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gettin' excited here. they're expecting 5,000 people at this thing, and rumor is Jay Leno is coming to get the Z8 (angry face of which there is no icon)
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