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navy ties?

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i have started wearing solid navy ties (with an assortment of navy and charcoal suits). i was wondering for those on here that do the same, do you make any effort to match the shade of navy in the tie with the suit (if wearing a solid or pinstriped navy suit)? i find it near impossible to match the shade precisely and was wondering if this would be considered 'off' (i.e. like im trying to match the shades, because they are so close, but didnt quite pull it off)?

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I have several solid navy ties of differing hues. Given that they are silk or cashmere, they don't match my suit fabrics. I would pick a tie with a different hue to the suit hue.
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I wouldn't bother trying to match them if I were you, just don't pick combos that would make people think you were trying to match and failed.
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I make a conscious effort *not* to match hues exactly, lest it look like I tried to match and failed. If I did wear a navy suit and tie, I would make certain the tie had some texture that gives an unmistakable contrast with the suit's texture. A navy tie and a charcoal suit can be a nice conservative look. Once again, I like a textured tie.
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Two words: Silk knit.
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This is a very interesting question. Very interesting, indeed.

Generally Ive always adhered to matching my tie to my shirt and considering my suit neutral unless it had a strong secondary color in it that I wanted to pick out. For example, a black suit with orange pinstripes which one might want to purposefully pick up with a pumpkin tie. In that case, I would match a color in the tie to that secondary color as closely as possible. If I had a navy suit with bathtub green pinstripes in it, I would not want to wear a forest green tie.

I do know someone who matches the basic tonality of ties to things as disparate as the trousers as in wearing a medium toned tie with medium shaded grey flannels.

With regards to matching the primary color of a tie with the primary color with a suit, ie. a navy solid suit with a navy solid tie of the exact same shades. I wonder if its really possible considering the differences in the fabric. Its true you might be wearing a navy silk suit but thats hardly a common case. I would have no problem with this and believe its more seasonal. If youre wearing a darkest navy suit with a darkest and matching navy tie in winter, then it looks right but in the summer, to offset the darkness of your suit, I would pick a tie in a blue that isnt navy or is at least grey/navy. More likely, Id want a tie in medium aqua to powder blue.

A matter of personal taste but from the objective aesthetic the darker solid tie choices will make you seem more serious and unimaginative and the lighter ones will make you seem more carefree and elegant.
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thanks for the replies guys. this all has started as a result of casually reading some 'guide' books on satorial principles. obviously, because of work environment i have almost exclusively navy solid or charcoal solid suits 9some with patterns but no real colors in the suit). in reading sections on ties, i realized that i dont really have any solid ties or mostly solid ties. also, when wearing some of my more dominant patterned shirts, i liked the idea of making the tie for very simple. so i went out and purchased some solid colored ties but realized when i went to put the solid navy tie it didnt really match the shade of navy my suit was in....then came to realize it didnt match ANY of my navy based i didnt know if this was considered objectionable or not....from the general consenus though, it seems that navy on navy is ok and further ok (perhaps evn desirable) if different. i too have a number of lighter shade blue based ties that i wear a lot but wanted a 'blue' alternative to this - hence the introduction of navy ties into my navy suit world. i will admit, though i will probably wear my non-matching navy ties, i do prefer the navy ties with my charcoal based suits.

i just dont want to look like im trying to 'match' (which i thought might be the case because if you have navy on navy...) exactly but did not pull it off

thanks again for the responses
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