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If I have no data limit on an iphone, is it still worth it to buy Tapatalk? Do pics appear or not?
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Style forum is messed up on my tapatalk app, could be caused by the new server. Anyone having troubles with styleforum- tapatalk too? Any help?
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I think the new forum format killed SF on Tapatalk. This is unfortunate because the layout is even less mobile friendly than the original...
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doesn't work for me either
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I wish they'd fix the tapatalk support. This layout is hell on a mobile phone.
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Only just started using Tapatalk - very nice for other forums. Would be great if it could be sorted out here.
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So it would appear Tapatalk support is dead, that's a shame, any chance it will be revived in the future.

Although not perfect Tapatalk is the easiest way to browse forums, especially if you are active on more than one forum.

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