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I just got the admin on another forum that I frequent to enable this. The whole thing took about 5 minutes and it works great on my end. Should someone maybe PM one of the admins?
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Just posted a link to this thread in transmod ... should get their attention hopefully!
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Cross posted from Trans Mod - File this under 'duly noted' but I know J is grinding away on a forum upgrade at the moment, and is unlikely to go plugging in anything new to the current one.
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bump for a great cause
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also supporting this.
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Would love to see this happen.
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bump. Just bought tapatalk for this forum and it wasnt supported
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Bumping this. Mods, what do you think?
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+1. Long time lurker, just joined and would love to see this happen.
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Still pining for Tapatalk over here, too.
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SF should do it... One of fav forums, even though the post count doesn't reflect it
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Sixth'd. Please make it happen.
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I wanted to post about this for some time. This shit or something else to make sf mobile friendly. I love sitting on the toilet and checking out guy's fit pics on my iPhone.
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