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J. Crew/club Monaco/banana Republic/levis/polo Megathread Refreshed

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i retook alot of pictures since I added new shirts to the mix, these pics should show shirts more clearer than the way I had it before. ALL SHIRTS ARE MEDIUM BELOW. I have alot of clothes because I was on a j.crew craze the past year as I got my first job upon graduating college. Most of them are either new or worn once-twice. my email is also, my paypal address. i accept personal payments. i do meetups and ship. I am located in Union Square so save yourself some shipping! PLEASE ADD SHIPPING FOR THE FOLLOWING: shirts-$5 ties-$3 blazer-$12 pants-$8 J. CREW SHIRTS all shirts from here on are medium. bright spearmint microstripe-$30 *SOLD* buttercup yellow microstripe-$30 *SOLD* blue plaid-$30 stone solid-$30 faded aqua oxford-$30 *SOLD* purple white collar microstripe-$30 lightgreen/chocolate western plaid-$30 *SOLD* aqua madras plaid-$30 *SOLD* navy solid-$30 *SOLD* khaki camp shirt-$30 green plaid-$30 *SOLD* dark brown/grey camp shirt-$30 *SOLD* yellow plaid-$30 tartan-$30 *SOLD* white/red/green plaid-$30 red plaid-$30 blue white collar-$30 orange summerweight-$30 *SOLD* navy summerweight-$30 *SOLD* french blue summerweight-$30 *SOLD* yellow oxford-$30 *SOLD* brown banker stripe-$30 french blue solid-$30 spearmint microstripe-$30 *SOLD* eclipse blue irish linen camp shirt-$50 *SOLD* red/navy stripe-$30 purple/black stripe-$30 violet stripe-$30 *SOLD* red stripe-$30 black stripe-$30 carribean blue mini gingham-$30 *SOLD* turtle green mini gingham-$30 green gingham-$30 royal blue gingham-$30 *SOLD* faded black mini gingham-$30 *SOLD* yellow stripe-$30 grey white collar banker stripe-$30 blue white collar banker stripe-$30 pink white collar banker stripe-$30 melon orange banker stripe-$30 madras shirt-$50 (j crew collectors item) *SOLD* red stripe-$30 white oxford-$30 *SOLD* brown mini squares-$30 J. CREW CLASSIC FIT CORD PANT BLACK 32x30-$30 NEW MED CARDIGAN $35(Retail$69.50) NEW MED SWEATER VEST $30(Retail$69.50) FIELD SHORT SIZE32-$30 NEW MED BLACK WOOL VEST-$40 NEW MED HONEY LINEN VEST-$40 NEW MED JAPANESE SELVEDGE RAILROAD STRIPE VEST $75(Retail$150.00 J. CREW COLLECTORS ITEM, 750 LIMITED RUN) NEW MED KHAKI VEST-$40 NEW MED PINSTRIPE VEST-SOLD NEW MED PATCHWORK VEST $75(Retail$150.00 J. CREW COLLECTORS ITEM, 750 LIMITED RUN) (THE JAP RAILROAD STRIPE VEST AND PATCHWORK VEST UP CLOSE) NEW SEERSUCKER VEST, I HAVE IN MED AND LARGE-$40 NEW J. CREW TIES BROWN TIE-$20 ORANGE TIE/TURKEYS-$25 WOOL TARTAN TIE-$25 BLUE PATCHWORK TIE-$40 BLACK TIE/DOGS-$25 FLORAL TIE-$25 RED TIE/REINDEERS-$25 BLUE TIE/FLAMINGOS-$20 (back has a cut, not noticeable unless you flip it over, still wearable) TEAL TIE-$20 ORANGE SEERSUCKER TIE-$35 RED PATCHWORK TIE-$40 NEW BANANA REPUBLIC TIES AND USED BB TIE OLIVE DOT DIE-$15 FRENCH BLUE GRID TIE-$30 ORANGE TIE-$30 PEACH PAISLEY TIE-$30 YELLOW STRIPE TIE-$30 *SOLD* PASTEL STRIPE TIE-$30 USED BROOKS BROTHERS PURPLE TIE-$15 NEW MED CLUB MONACO CARDIGANS $70(RETAIL $139) NEW MED CLUB MONACO SWEATERS $50(RETAIL $139) NEW SMALL CLUB MONACO ROBERT JACKET $75(RETAIL $168) NEW MED GUESS WOOL JACKET $75(RETAIL $250) CREW ENGLISH HOUNDSTOOTH HUNTING JACKET BLAZER 38R-$200 (RETAIL $368) CREW MADRAS PLAID SPORTCOAT SMALL (38R)-$75 (RETAIL $168) CREW GREY CORDUROY BLAZER SMALL (38R)-$75 EXPRESS PLAID BLAZER 38R-$50 POLO RALPH LAUREN ORANGE EQUESTRIAN POLO SHIRT LARGE-$50 BANANA SHIRTS IN MEDIUM burgundy shirt-30 chambray military-50 textured crosshatch(blue/green/brown lines)-40 charcoal grey military-40 sky blue military-40 black/blue/grey stripe-40 blue/green stripe-40 stretch poplin solids -black/charcoal grey/blue-30 olive/yellow gingham-30 burgundy stripe-25 crosshatch-25 green textured stripe-40 blue textured stripe-40 yellow/grey western plaid-40 yellow stripe-30 burgundy crosshatch-30 dark teal solid-25 banana khaki sportcoat SMALL-60
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price drops on club monaco items,
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No JCrew smalls. :< Good luck with the sale.
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do u have any j crew shorts for sale?
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If those cardigans were L's i would be all over them.
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Some pictures are not showing
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thanks for letting me know, pictures have been fixed.
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I had that bear comforter in undergrad. Ladies dig it.
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pictures still not showing
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i uploaded pics onto new server so it should work now, again thanks for letting me know!
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new shirts and cardigans added
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Originally Posted by nhannon View Post
I had that bear comforter in undergrad. Ladies dig it.

do you still use it? where did you buy it?
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bump for the polo bear sheets. i had them for years. don't use a twin bed any more so had the flat sheet made into some pillow cases. sleep on them every night!
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added j. crew shorts and banana shirts guys
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I definitely recommend Willieeee as a seller. Great Communication and Great Products at a Great Prices. You can't go wrong. I will buy from again!
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