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Silk trousers

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I work for a software company in Denver (Greenwood Village actually) and am wondering about silk trousers and when they can be worn -- or if in the words of Nancy Reagan, "just say no". What seasons/occasions are appropriate, and not just for light colored trousers, but for navy, olive, etc? I see Tommy Bahamas and others that I like, but I'm not sure if it's just something else I need to get over. I don't really take my cues from the office, or I'd be content with Dockers and Merrell Jungle Mocs. thanks, /richard
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Depends on the fabric. Stay away from silk with a sheen to it. But silk without shine is a great warm weather fabric. I don't wear it in the cold months, but I have several pair of silk and silk blend trousers for Spring and Summer. You may want to consider what you wear them with at work. For business casual, at least, keep the shirt and shoes somewhat conservative to prevent the Jimmy Buffet look. I am also in Colorado, and the recent warm weather convinced me that it was time to break out the silk trousers. I'm wearing a pair of black silk twill trousers right now.
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Maybe someone can clear something up for me. It seems that silk is pitched as a warm weather fabric, but I recall reading in several places that it actually is not an ideal warm weather fabric in that it traps heat (or something to that effect). I obviously have little experience with silk outside a few casual silk shirts and in the dead of summer, I fry no matter what I wear. Thanks in advance.
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