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Bespoke/MTM pants?

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I have chicken legs, and a small waist (32") but still big compared to my tiny legs.

I spend anywhere from $150-250 on a pair of pants, but I never find any of them to flatter me.

Any place I can go for a MTM/bespoke pants for something in that same general price range? I'm in NYC for the next several weeks, then back to Charlotte, NC.

I've decided to replace my decent fitting collection of Thomas Pink, Hickey Freeman, Hugo Boss and Hickey Freeman shirts with shirts that should fit significantly better for a similar price, and am just about to head out the door for CEGO.
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Originally Posted by BDCook
am just about to head out the door for CEGO.

You should stop by Mr Ned, which IIRC is in the same neighborhood as CEGO. You should also ask Carl for recommendations
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Ask Carl for a recommendation.
A tailor mentioned here a lot for intro level bespoke Mr Ned.
Others will no doubt have more and better ideas.
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Yeah, I defintely plan on asking Carl if he has any input.

Just figured I would throw it out here as well.

Thanks! Now off to get my first (of many to come) custom shirt(s).
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Anothe possibility is Izzy at LS. His pantsmaker makes excellent handmade pants.
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