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White Pant See Through???

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Is it just me or does anyone else run into this. I have ordered a number of beautiful, high quality white pants in cotton, linen and cotton/linen blend. I get heavy twill and when I try them on I can easily see the outline of the pockets and a faint outline of my briefs or boxers (I have tried grey briefs, white boxers, with no luck).

What do you do, besides going commando???

Do you accept this look? To me it doesn't look right.
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I have the same damn problem....tried RLPL, PRL, Brioni and Kiton.....all with same problems. The only one cloose to being not see thru were fully lined PRL ones.

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It's a common topic in many similar fora....

Clearly the answer is shave and commando.
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You could go with a white, long, silk boxer-brief (avail at for about $20). The brief goes well-below mid-thigh and ends just above the knee. It would be about the same as having a silk half-lining in those slacks.

Been thinking about this solution myself for a couple pairs of unlined linen trousers.
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It is a common issue with cream, white linen. Just wear light coloured boxer, tuck in the shirt and get used to the look.
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Avoid them altogether and opt for white or off-white denim.
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I say go for it. It'll finally give you an excuse to ask "Why are you staring at my crotch in the first place?" to anyone who comments. And for once this time, it won't be a bizarre conversational non sequitur or overly risky pickup gambit.
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the only time I ever wear lining inside pants is this one. Use full lining front and back to solve this. Make sure lining is not see through either.
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I believe this came up last summer too and the recomended solution was either don't buy white pants, go for off white, like cream, or a solid white like jeans, but if you insist on wearing white linen then wear either beige or grey underwear.
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I'm thinking that seeing a bit of pocket out line is OK, but when they are thin enough to see grey briefs, then they are too thin.
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Go commando and only wear them on rainy days.
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This has been an ongoing problem. I love white pants, but I cannot for the life of me find pants that are not see through. I ordered a pair of Canali pants last summer (twill cotton) hoping they would not be see through. For $450 I thought they'd be fully lined. No such luck. Same thing this season with Armani, Loro Piani and Paul & Shark.

I had hoped that the Howard Yount winter white weight pants (15.9 ounces) would work, but I didn't want to take the chance since they were unlined.

I know Trini has a pair of PRL white flannels that appear to avoid this problem. But they were from a few seasons ago. Other than ordering custom off-white flannels I've never seen anything similar for sale.

My tailor can make up white flannels fully lined for me for about $350 - but I'd need two pairs - one for summer and one for winter. Not sure if I can sneak that pass the Mrs

The Mrs cannot understand why men's white pants are not lined when most women's white pants are fully lined.

Currently I rely on my white 501s, but those don't work for work.

If anyone finds a maker who offers fully lined, please let me know. I'll buy 5 pairs to see me through the next decade.
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I'm going with the unlined Borrelli heavy twill cotton linen blend. I can see a wee bit of pocket outline but no more. That will work for me along with my Zegna white jeans.
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I simply wear white boxer briefs and have not received any comments one way or the other.
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IMO when you wear white pants, you can afford to go with a heavier material as the color itself is heat resistant. It should solve most of the see-through problem.
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