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A-E Mocha

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I'm desperately looking for a pair of stylish, but not over the top, brown shoes to replace my only pair now, but I have 2 constraints - limited funds (looking at ~$250) and I take a b/narrow width. I've taken to several of the A-E's in mocha (dryden, saxon, but my concern is that it's a "trendy" or "dated" color, and that it's not as flexible as possibly a burnished brown. Takes on this color regarding limitations w/ pants color and as my only pair of brown shoes?? As far as the price, I'd get them from the AE store in Burlington, NC.

Oh yeah....I'm really smitten w/ the Ferragamo Bruce, but at $380 it's a no-go.
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i would say that mocha is a basic medium dark brown that won't really go out of style.

the saxon bicycle front style, on the other hand, is more likely to get dated. one is okay, but it shouldn't become the bulk of the rotation. i would go with the mocha dryden before the mocha saxon.
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The Byron model could be another option in brown - not sure if that is the same as the Mocha you mentioned.
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FWIW, I've started using A-E's Mocha polish on all my medium-brown shoes. I would second NoVaguy's comments otherwise.
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Thanks for the feedback. As this is probably going to be my only pair of brown shoes for a while, I need to make sure that i'm not getting something that i'll look at regrettingly in a few months because the color is too much of a stylistic stretch. I'd prefer a burnished brown, but can't get it in the styles i like. As far as the saxon goes, it's a wish list item....can't get it yet. Thanks for the feedback.
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