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Cargo magazine

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I believe the premiere issue hit the streets yesterday. They have a website also; Cargo I subscribed a few weeks ago (couldn't pass it up for $2.99 a year). I am wondering if anyone else has or plans to check out this new magazine, which is going to be the male version of the very successful Lucky Magazine.
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I had received my first issue in the mail last week, and so far I'm pleased. Although there is alot of content that they cover (fashion, cars, technology, culture etc.), I think they do a fairly good job at doing so, at least in the first issue. The issue also includes a great suit buying guide which is definately worth checking out.
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Read it. Unimpressive. A young guy who lives in NYC or LA, and is already hooked up is not going to find anything really special here, and I don't think that there is going to be a huge demographic for this stuff outside major urban centers. The concept seems to be to sell a fashion/gadgets magazine to the Maxim crowd. And I frankly don't think they'll bite. Hopefully, they'll jiggle the format somewhat in the coming months to reach the Details, Arena reader.
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i like the concept except for the martin margeila pants on the cover, the fashion was very mediocre but you have to realize that conde nast is gearing this for the mass markets, they have hopes to make this a million a month seller, just like the sister publication lucky, and as such, it's going to have very 'accessible' fashion, electronics and the like i'm more looking forward to (and la guy will likely be more attuned to) 'vitals' the luxury shopping mag coming in september, from fairchild mags/details, and if you note, the name 'vitals' comes from the name of the section in details magazine unfortunately, vitals will only be quarterly, not like the 10 times a year cargo is set for
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"MENSWEAR" from Fairchild is a semi-annual publication dedicated to high-end fashion. They feature clothes from Kiton, Brioni, etc. I think when "Vitals" comes out it will take over from "Menswear".
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I thought it was "enjoyable" but lacked any real substance. I don't see how they will continue to fill this magazine. Most of the stuff in the magazine was unimpressive and clips for other men's magazines.
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