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I wore this tie 4 or 5 times. I checked and did not see and stains or flaws.

Bought it before I understood color theory as described in Flusser's book. Though many pooh-pooh Flusser - his theory makes a lot of sense from my experience. This tie just doesn't work for my Indian high-contrast complexion!

I don’t have any other ties from this brand and don’t know much about it. It seems well made: Made in Italy, 100% silk, NOT self-tipped, but does have a self-keeper; 3.75 in. I seem to recall spending around $100 for it +/- $15. I bought it at its full retail price.

Alternating stripes of purple and black & white birdseye separated by thinner solid black stripes.

$25 shipped if you are interested. Please PM me.