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Is Cordavan Limited To Fall Winter

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Do you think cordavan color not burgundy is limited to fall or winter.
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Not for me.
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What summer colors would you wear them .
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Pink, purple for sure. A warm red.

But the shoe needs to be "light". I have a pair of cap toed brogues that I like to wear that are really more fall/winter shoes...maybe some loafers WITHOUT kilties or tassels...

The shoe guys can definitely give a better suggestion than me. And they are legion.
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I have 3 pairs of vass which are similar color.1 wingtip U last , 1 semi brogue
U last .And 1 burgandy which is light in color . the other 2 are a dark cordavan. Every time I want to wear them I come up with fall ,winter colors. OLive, chesnut,charcol,grey. Hey maybe a lighter grey but it still seems limited.
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For me, shell cordovan shoes, be it in burgundy or brown is great for all seasons. I love it for its low maintenance, patina and durability. More important is the issue of fit.
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To me cordovan is a true neutral color, like black.
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It seems to me that the original question is a little ambiguous. First, most people equate the following names for shoe colors: cordovan, burgundy, merlot (Allen-Edmonds), wine, oxblood. Thus, to many shoe fans asking whether cordovan (the color) is suitable--ignoring burgundy--doesn't make sense. One could ask whether that color range of dark-reddish browns is suitable for summer wear (in my opinion, it is), but to say that cordovan is not, whereas burgundy is, will make shoegeeks shake their heads. The truth of the matter is that one shoe maker's or shoe polish's "cordovan" will be redder than another's "burgundy," whereas the phenomenon will be reversed with two other brands of shoes or polish. Second, the usual question is whether cordovan--meaning the material shell cordovan leather--is suitable for summer. In answer to that question, many people in hotter locations consider it unsuitable because it is so dense and impermeable, that one's feet will sweat in it on hot summer days. In more temperate climes, however, I doubt that shoes of that material would cause problems, even in mid-summer.
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Thank you for all your replies.Now all I need to know I with what summer colors.
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There seems no reason to limit cordavan shoes to fall and winter. If cordavan goes with what you're wearing in summer, then by all means do it.
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