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James Dean's red windbreaker?

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In Rebel Without A Cause, James Dean wears a red windbreaker:

Where would one find a windbreaker like this? It doesn't have to be red, but I'd love to find a nice vintage windbreaker that isn't made of thin "Members Only"-style nylon.

Thanks as always!
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American Apparel makes one that looks pretty much exactly like the one James Dean has on.
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Oh, so the cool kids have ALWAYS popped their collars!
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The one James Dean is wearing looks like cotton.... Not nylon.
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The James Dean website offers them....

Click on "apparel"
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Ralph Lauren used to make that exact model in both the Polo and Chaps lines...

Check some stores that carry Polo.
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Not that you asked, but Mr. Dean wore Lee jeans in that film, though he was a Levi's sort of guy; that is acting.
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There's an Italian brand called Vintage 55 that makes a replica of that Baracuta style jacket. It come in a nice shiney box too.
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■History 1923, in the English Manchester the British casual manufacturer which is born, [barakuta]. Represents [barakuta] [G-9] appeared from establishment 25 years later. The swing top and golf jacket, and so on with it is made prototype of the blouson which is said, that the style which is completed even now is fresh. The collar type which is called design and dog year of original cutting, umbrella yoke is high appraised, both design characteristic and functionality, presently the tradition is kept. In Japan as for the jumper which is called [suingutotsupu], it is supported in many fans as an item of fixed turn, you can call one arrival which represents the English wind outdoor traditional.
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the real mccoy version is an exact replication.

One arrival which symbolizes American [kajiyuaruuea] of 50 age. This jacket which administers the lining of the acrylic bore to the nylon shell which is glossy in it is famous for the movie star of the past years to have worn in the play.

* Trade name: McCOYS-JK-DRIZZLER
* Price: 32,000yen (including tax 33,600yen)
* Color: Lead-lead
* Size: S, M, L and XL
* Material: Frontal land nylon 100%
????Lining acrylic pile
????Zipper Talon (No.5/Square)

Size specifications (unit: cm)
Size\tChest enclosure\tShoulder length\tSleeve length\tArrival height
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A tidbit of information about that jacket:
Jimmy's famous red jacket from Rebel was purchased from Mattson's department store on Hollywood Boulevard. Following his death, the store hiked the price on the jackets to a then exorbitant $22.95. Warner Bros. actually bought two of them for filming. Afterward, Jimmy gave one to his friend, composer Leonard Rosenman, who wore it until it fell apart. Nobody knows what happened to the other. You can also buy a replica here:
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i read about this in dazed&confused.
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Red Baracuta G9 on ebay ends in a few hours. size S so it's more like a medium since these run kinda roomy

price is ridiculously cheap right now for a real Baracuta, prolly cuz it's red
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