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Just started watching this. I'm making myself sick with lack of sleep. I keep watching episodes after the kid is in bed. I'm into season three. It's just a damn fun show.
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Finally watching the tivo'd episodes of this. At first I thought it was very episodic, like it was stated, not much arc...now its becoming clearer that the arc just just bigger than it appeared. I'm digging it quite a bit. It cracks me up that he's a southern dude and wears so much jcrew.

J. Crew is extremely well suited to Southern Style - madras, gingham, workshirts, linen, it's damn near all I wear.

I like the show a lot and I like the way they showed him getting his ass kicked. It's also funny that a native Hawaiian can pull off a pretty decent Southern drawl. He's no Sam Elliott, but neither is he Keanu Reeves.

Keanu is a fellow Canuck.
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Watching last season's finale now so I'll be fresh.
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When does the final season start, has there been a release date yet?
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January 20th.

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I am so excited. It is probably my favorite show on TV right now. With some of my favorite all-time characters. It is so good. I also love that FX is not afraid to make episodes and hour or longer when needed.
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