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Velvet shirt - how to match?

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Found a real bargain the other day - a Ralph Lauren Purple Label black velvet shirt for 9AUD. Plus another 25AUD to make it slim-fitting... Anyway, I'm just wondering how to make use of it - I figured it would be ideal for going out but have no idea what it would go with. Any suggestions? P.S. I don't carry the 'trashy' look too well, and have no desire to do so either...
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It's quite hard to answer such questions without knowing your style/preferences and more information on the shirt, i.e. color. shape, etc. Maybe you should think of possible combinations first and then ask how others think. On the use of velvet fabric (at least I think it's velvet) looking up Prada 2004 SS show might be helpful. I like this look: Not sure about the tie tucked into the shirt, but the overall look just strikes me as 'right.'
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I saw that very shirt (well, not the shirt that you saw, but the same model), and I was tempted. However, I couldn't figure out how I would wear it, so I passed.
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Wear it with dark jeans (not too much wear) or medium to dark gray flat-front pants.
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Not your style, but I'd suggest wearing it with jeans that are trashed, ripped, and worn. I like contrasting pieces; mixing a luxurious fabric like velvet with beat up denim. I wear my velvet blazer with jeans like this, and a t shirt. I'll also add some Ferragamo leather shoes.
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I agee w/ Mike as usual on this one. I wear my olive Dries velvet blazer w/ distressed jeans (usually my Rogans) and a pair of antiqued Bastianelli or Ann Demeulemeester boots... sometimes even my driving mocs. Pete
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