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I have nice feet that dont smell, so I think that enables me to wear flip flops year round (which I do)
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Originally Posted by Edward Appleby
I dislike flip flops on men for a couple of reasons. First, men's feet are ugly. More significantly, they're a manifestation of the middle-American obsession with leisure as the high point of life. So many people dress as though they were going to spend the day by the pool whenever they have the chance and regardless of whether or not they are in fact by a pool. I find the idea that dressing well is an imposition very Philistine and irritating.

I suppose I just don't relate to people whose idea of the sublime is sitting on a beach.

*Applauses* I fully agree with you. Being dressed appropriately is a matter of courtesy not only to yourself but also to others. And life is made of other things than goofing around during holidays.
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Originally Posted by JBZ
Love it or hate it, Tommy Bahama has built a minor clothing empire based entirely on the idea of full time leisure ("Life is One Long Weekend", etc.). My hat's off to them. I wish I had thought of it.

a&f, hollister, kenneth cole.... all built themselves empires too.
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On some people, it can look nice. I have seen some pretty extravagant "flip-flops" whose name ought to be modified to reflect the level of esthetics. What bothers me is all the double-takes they cause... I keep thinking people are walking barefoot...

I do not like wearing flip flops myself.
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One can mostly assume that the flip-flop fad has peaked and surely teenagers will find a new fad and Hollywood will go to something new and we all can tsk-tsk about that.
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Originally Posted by Tomasso
Not to boast, but every pedicurist who has ever touched my feet has remarked that I have the most beautiful feet that they had ever seen on a man. So, I've got that going for me Which is nice
So is that better than total spiritual enlightenment?

I'm not a fan of flip-flops with anything but the most casual wear. I can't imagine any professional circumstance in my field in which they'd be appropriate, unless a client invited me to a pool party. And, in any case, I'm not interested in looking at most people's feet, particularly when so many simply refuse to take care of them before sharing them with the world.
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