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Originally Posted by Luc-Emmanuel
Raf's "inspiration" for Jil Sander is shit. He's just burrying my last hopes in the brand. Prada's executives are just a bunch of retarded fucks.

Seconded - those pictures are spectacularly dull. The only impressive part is the hyperbole on the GQ website - by the way they talk him up, you'd be forgiven for thinking he invented a completely new way of wearing clothes.
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I took a look at J Sander and Gucci today too.

Gucci has nice colors, nice cuts, and it's really interesting looking. I won't buy any of it. The shorts look very feminine to me (especially the pin-striped ones). But it shows some imagination. I'm not a huge fan of the ultra-slim suit, but it looks good here. I love wearing pin-striped trouses with just anything--I have a cheap pair from Old Navy of all places (brown with a tan pin-stripe), that I just throw on with a t-shirt and when it's colder a cardigan or something and they look fab. I love how Gucci has insterted them here.

The Jill Sander stuff was very reminisenct (sp?) of the mid 1980s to me. Am I the only one that thinks that? That would be early high school for me and when I first started to notice clothes and started to read GQ. The red-black combination in those cuts and about all of the first 15 shots or so all look very 1980s. So I get a bit of a nostalgia thrill from that. But it's boring in the end. Agreed.

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